Sunday, October 13, 2013

Need $25 in October 2013?

As Autumn 2013 embraces us with its cool breeze and Christmas starts beckoning, our thoughts often turn to matters financial. I've already started budgeting for the expenses of Christmas. I could certainly do with an extra $25 in my pocket, and so could most other people.

ING Direct Orange Key

And here's an easy to get $25, simply by opening a bank account. ING Direct Canada will give you $25 if you open up any account with an initial deposit of $100. You can read about this promotion at

 You just need to enter this referral code (also known as an Orange Key) when you complete the online application: 40014077S1

Both you and I will get $25, no questions asked

The money train doesn't stop there. You'll also get your own Orange Key so you can refer your own friends. The money soon adds up - with 50 referrals you stand to earn $2000

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sizzling ING Orange Key!

It's high Summer, and it's getting hotter and hotter. Celebrate the gorgeous weather with a referral bonus from ING Direct Canada.

Here's a sizzling ING Orange Key!

Simply enter the referral code 40014077S1 when you apply for any new account from your favorite Canadian bank - ING Direct.You'll cool down with a sizzling $25 bonus (and I get $25 as well because you used my referral code).

If that doesn't get you hot under the collar, then you're bound to blow a fuse when I tell you that you'll also get your own Orange Key, so you can get your own referrals.

I have many readers who have used my Orange Key to apply for accounts, and get their own Orange Keys! They now are rolling in referral bonuses.

Monday, February 25, 2013

ING Direct Bonus Still Going Strong

Even after several years, the ING bonus scheme is still rolling ahead like a steam train!

When you open any account (with an initial deposit by cheque of $100), you get a bonus of $25. However, you only get this bonus if you enter an Orange Key code during the online sign-up.

These Orange Keys are available all over the web. However, 40014077S1 is a working Orange Key - please use it during the sign-up (both you and I get $25).

The money train doesn't end there. ING Canada will give you your very own Orange Key to love and treasure. If anyone else applies for an account using your Orange Key, both you and the applicant get $25 each.

This is how your referral bonuses build up.

Refer 10 friends - get $25*10 + $50 bonus = $300
Refer 20 friends - get $25*10 + $100 bonus = $350
Refer 30 friends - get $25*10 + $150 bonus = $400
Refer 40 friends - get $25*10 + $200 bonus = $450
Refer 50 friends - get $25*10 + $250 bonus = $500
TOTAL = $2000

Many people have made the full $2000 in bonuses (well, $2025 if you include your initial $25 for simply signing up).

The sooner you open and account, the sooner you can reel in those bonuses.

Please consider using Orange Key 40014077S1 when you open your account.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get $2000 in Referral Bonuses with ING Direct

You now get $25 when you open any ING Direct Canada bank account (with an initial deposit of $100 or more), and use 40014077S1 as your Orange Key referral code.

ING Direct Canada Orange Key

When you open your account, you'll also get your own Orange Key. Give this to your friends and family, and you each get $25 when then open an account!

You can get up to $2000 in referral bonuses (actually, $2025 when you include the $25 you get for opening your own account).

This is a great deal, and something you should consider carefully.