Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A week without spending?

Here's a game I sometimes play.  I buy $35 of food on a Saturday, fill my car up, and then see if I can go for the rest of the week without ANY spending money (not counting, for example, direct debits that go straight out of my bank account).  

This can sometimes be frustrating when my colleagues go out for lunch at work, and I have to politely decline.  Or when I'm in need of a sugar fix, given that Tim Horton's is only a three minute drive away, and the candy machine is 50ft from me. 

It helps that I carry no cash on me at all.  For some reason, I find it easier to spend the cash that's in my pocket rather charge the credit card in my wallet.

We get free coffee at work, so I'm never low on caffeine, otherwise I'd be crankier than a rabid dog on a bad hair day.

I look forward to the big sense of satisfaction I feel on the following Saturday.  That in itself is worth it.  I feel healthier because I haven't eaten any refined products for a week - just pasta, vegetables, fruit, fish, lentils and other basic food.  

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