Monday, July 5, 2010

ING Direct Orange Key for July 2010: 34431191S1

Want to make $25 in July 2010? What about $500? Want even more?

  • Open any account (TFSA, RSP, GIC, or ISA) with ING Direct at
  • Specify the Orange Key 34431191S1 when requested in the application
  • Make an initial deposit by check of $100

You'll get $25 free credited to your account. You'll also get your own Orange key so you can make your own referrals - you could even create a blog like this to get referrals. Every time you refer someone you and the account opener get $25.

Refer 10 friends - get $25*10 + $50 bonus = $300
Refer 20 friends - get $25*10 + $100 bonus = $350
Refer 30 friends - get $25*10 + $150 bonus = $400
Refer 40 friends - get $25*10 + $200 bonus = $450
Refer 50 friends - get $25*10 + $250 bonus = $500
TOTAL = $2000

Remember to specify Orange Key 34431191S1 to get your $25 and your own Orange Key code.

Orange Key Code 34431191S1 is valid and working!  You will not lose out, but if you have any questions let me know via the chat box on the left.


  1. Hi! My husband and I both use for our savings and tax-free savings accounts. We have two orange keys, each will give you $25 bonus if you sign up for a new account with $100 deposit. We’ve gotten over $300 in bonus money, you guys should take advantage of ING’s bonus cash and interest rates (over 1% more than our bank usually). 32352114S1 and 33087082S1 .

  2. 35202354S1 <---- 25$ free! ( Guaranteed to work, many charges left. Created Sept 1st 2010)

    I just started with ING and it is great. I've used my orange key to make my family members create accounts ( Even if they decide not to use them, they get a free 25$ and so do I) and the interest is great. They calculate how much interest you've earned daily, which makes it very rewarding to see your money grow!

    Use this key 35202354S1 to make 25$ FREE! No strings attached, you can create your account, earn your 25$ free then switch it back to your own personal account instantly! A 100$ initial deposit is all that is needed.

    However, I suggest to keep the account, as their interest rate of 1.5% with no service charges is very hard to come by.

    Once again, 35202354S1 for 25$ free!

  3. NEW ING Direct Code:


    Valid starting November 11, 2012.

    !DOUBLE REFERRAL! $50 Bonus to new accounts until DECEMBER 31, 2012