Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Start 2014 with a bang with $25 from ING Direct!

It's now January 2014, and I relect back on what was an exciting 2013. My life has changed beyond all recognition, and I've started planning for the future with greater vigor and intensity. This includes a greater focus on financial planning (including a desire to actually start a pension plan!)

I'm still investing in the ING Streetwise mutual funds. While they haven't been stellar performers, I've still made money. They're rock-solid performers, backed by a company that has (from my experience) great customer service.

You can start 2014 on a positive note with a free $25 from ING Direct Canada

Just use the referral code 40014077S1 when you open any ING Direct Canada account with a minimum starting balance of $100.

This key works!

You will get $25, and I will get $25. You'll also be given your own referral key - just give it out to friends and family; when they open an ING account, both parties will get $25 each!

The referrals will soon start rolling in. Start January 2014 on a high, and trust that it continues through the rest of the year!

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